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Our Mission is to break the chains off every human that keeps them from living the life they was born to live!

Join Our Community

A transparently powerful community of women who are determined to live their audacious life. 

Powerful Workshops

When you're ready to have grace and compassion for every part of who you are.



We have authentic conversations with people to squash stigma and highlight greatness.

Share Your Stories 

Write your own stories to heal and break off any shame you were never meant to carry.


How can we help?
We are here for you.

We believe we are not defined by our worst moments. If you're reading this right now, I want you to hear me - You were born to be free. It took me a long time to understand that a lifestyle of gratitude and a thirst for life can be birthed out of the darkest seasons.

After spending more than 4 years in federal prison, I learned that every person's story matters and that an active, unflinching passion for healing and justice can impact the culture around us in beautiful ways. The Freedom Exchange Project was a way for us to have conversations with the most amazing people who provided tangible ways to find strength and courage in advocating for yourself and others. We do this through writing, speaking and action. Thank you for being here. Please look around and let us know how we can help you get involved.

Here is what we get to do:​

  • We are a community of women who want to see each other uncover their greatest purpose.

  • We speak to communities and organizations.

  • We help women leverage their stories and create ripples of freedom in their own communities.

  • We coach women and partner with justice-impacted individuals to move forward and live an authentic and passion-filled life.

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